I’m Francesco Serio, a UX / UI Designer from Palermo, Italy.
Currently I work for GUI Developer and UX Designer R&D at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa, Lecce.

I create interfaces, products and activities since 2001. Over the years, I have worked with international companies from fashion to design.

Over the years I have acquired a minimal style recognized and appreciated by companies, fans and followers.

My methodology starts by identifying opportunities and hosting design sprints that help create tactical plans and driving tables. Having an engineering and design background, my experience covers the entire spectrum of product creation, from idea to construction.

When I work I like to concentrate in front of a good coffee to find the best solution or find the right inspiration. In your free time you can find me in the gym, on a bike or in a pub to have a beer with my friends.

I like keeping up with the latest front-end technologies like Design and Web.
I love my family, sport, pizza and vegetarian cuisine.


  • Engineering
  • Camicissima
  • Biorfarm
  • Wind
  • Ysat Telecomunicazioni
  • Madetom
  • Arancia ICT
  • Sky Cinema HD
  • Mosaicoon
  • YesWeCom
  • Ministère du Pétrole – TChad
  • N-Amuri
  • Ds Tech
  • Yoox
  • Noatel
  • Regione Siciliana
  • FitCisl Emilia Romagna
  • DUD Italia

Feel free to write me, maybe I will answer you soon. Who knows.

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